right-sizing the business

The business is running the owner, and the owner is running out of steam

If you're like many business owners, you started your business to have the independence that comes with doing the work that you love. But what happens when your company grows into a bigger animal than you can handle and you're so busy running the company that you're no longer involved in the work that brought you to the table in the first place?

Sarah, founder of a successful and highly in-demand architecture firm, grew her staff exponentially just to keep up with all the business. Before long, the demands of keeping the company on track pulled Sarah away from being in the trenches as an architect. Attempting to delegate a little leadership authority to regain ownership in some of the firm's projects, Sarah assigned management roles to her staff, but that only resulted in her employees moving the company farther and farther away from her vision.


Sarah had previously worked unsuccessfully with two other corporate coaches who took a formulaic approach to her business plan, largely ignoring her fundamental desire to stay personally involved in the firm's service to its clients.

Chris helped Sarah take a step back from the day-to-day details and assess from a personal and professional standpoint what she really wanted for her business. By focusing on her individual values, Chris equipped Sarah with the perspective she needed to regain control of her company and make management decisions necessary to fulfill her professional vision. Ultimately, the solution was about "making the business fit me" instead of finding a way to "fit me into the business."

Through coaching and role playing, Sarah developed strategies to communicate to employees what she wanted for the company's future.


Sarah defined the "right size" for her business and prioritized changes necessary to move her firm in a better direction.  Sarah was able to restore consistency in company values and to make several necessary staffing changes with compassion and professionalism. Today, Sarah's business is thriving because she restructured her business around her vision of professional satisfaction and successful leadership, allowing her to truly be in charge of her future.


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