picturing the future™

We help you decide what’s most important, then you and your team articulate a shared vision that pulls your business forward into the future. This is no dusty vision statement – it’s a compelling destination that guides everyone in the business every day.

Most organizations get stuck in the “how” – as in how exactly we need to do things – instead of seeing past the how and agreeing on the “what” first. This leads to needless conflict and frustration instead of constructive discussions about how best to get to the desired destination.

This work session is a powerful way to get agreement on “what” we most want to do together.

You will spend one solid day of intensive and enlightening work with your senior leadership and staff, exploring what is most important for your business' future.

What you can expect to get:

  • A set of success criteria your organization can use for guidance through any circumstance

  • Joint and individual understanding of where the organization needs to go

  • People offering their strongest desires and feeling heard

  • Joint and individual commitment to the desired future

  • Alignment of strategic and tactical efforts of staff, leaders, and board members

  • Quiet self-correction of misalignments between individual desires and the needs of the organization

This program includes pre-work with company leadership and key company stakeholders, one full day of facilitation for up to 20 people, and a complete report on the discoveries with recommendations and next steps. Optionally we offer an additional day of work with the staff to turn the strategic guidance into tactical goals and action plans.

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Working with Chris was very inspirational because he really focuses in on looking at what you do and how you do it, but also asking the question why do you do it, what is that passion, what is that heart, work.
— Denise Freestone, Open Stage Theatre