philipp steger

Philipp serves our clients through his own company.  He provides leadership development, executive coaching, public speaking coaching, workflow improvement, and training services all over the world.

Philipp has more than 18 years’ experience in creating and leading teams.  While serving as Austria’s Science Attaché to the USA and Canada, he created the Austrian Office of Science and Technology (OST) at the Austrian Embassy in Washington DC – an organization frequently referred to as a model for the way to do science diplomacy in the 21st century.

Philipp has also dedicated himself to another passion of his: writing literary fiction.  Through this endeavor, Philipp further internalized the need to take the long view as a key principle to starting any new career. Taking the time to establish ground rules, find out what works and what doesn’t, and develop your own ways of doing things is vital for success. Now, in his coaching work, he helps leaders identify their own ground rules, gain clarity on what ultimately drives them and implement their vision within a team or organization, creating win-win situations for everyone involved.

Philipp serves as a trusted advisor to many of his clients.  His unusual combination of experiences – in the high-powered career in Washington, D.C. and the solitary work as a writer – gives him a broader horizon and allows him to empathize with a variety of clients’ experiences.

He is passionate about people achieving their best selves. As a result of his experiences, he has become deeply convinced that leadership skills can be developed and that everyone can achieve their best leadership style. He also believes, however, that efficient and effective self-management, in particular the smart and efficient use of technology to get things done, lie at the basis of success in an increasingly technology-driven work environment. This is why his coaching work often focuses on identifying and improving clients' essential workflows to help them take full advantage of technology's amazing possibilities and improve their ability to get things done.

Philipp holds a Ph.D. in law and political science from Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck and a Master's Degree in law from Karl-Franzens-Universitat Graz. He speaks German, French, English, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, and Polish – language skills he claims aren't due to talent, but perseverance.

In recognition of his role in its conception and founding, Philipp was made an honorary member of the Austrian Scientists and Scholars in North America (ASciNA). He lives on the beautiful isle of Mallorca and spends his non-coaching time writing fiction and hiking.