improving effectiveness

Spinning your wheels even though the engine is racing

Do you ever end your work day with frustrated comments like, “I didn’t get anything done today” or “I’m so behind?”  When you’re busy, you’re busy and it can feel like your entire day is spent checking items off your list, leaving little time to look at your overarching business goals and whether or not you’re reaching them.

Brad, an executive CPA and company manager, was running into the wall of tasks and felt that his ability to operate effectively as a manger was suffering as a result.

Brad had worked with a corporate coach in the past, and found that his previous confidant was more focused on fixing problems than finding creative solutions. Brad didn’t feel he really had a “problem” to fix; he just wanted to be better at his job and see a broader horizon, so he looked to Trebuchet Group for advice.


Through a series of conversations, Chris helped Brad realize that by being too focused on tasks, he was hindering his effectiveness and ability to see the big picture. So instead, he should focus on outcomes. Why? Because outcomes strengthen effectiveness, while tasks only enable efficiency.


Brad was thrilled with the task versus outcomes realization and has since recognized that it applies to everything he does: management, operations, prospecting, customer relations, and overall performance improvement.   By focusing on outcomes, Brad has been able to see a larger view of his work and his company and work toward positive outcomes that help deliver value, build stronger relationships and execute work at a higher level. Because he can see past those pesky tasks, he can truly see the big picture and move his business forward.


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