moving the organization forward

Going beyond a strategic plan

Sometimes it starts with a change in leadership. Other times organizations just realize it's time for a new strategic plan. But who wants to invest hundreds of hours to put together a lengthy document that just sits on a shelf?

As CEO, John wanted to see some changes in his organization. But he didn't want to overwhelm the staff who had been steadily providing support for many years. And he knew his tendency to take on too many things at once. John wanted to decide on a strategic plan that would help them move forward at the same time as they managed day to day ongoing operations.

When John heard about Trebuchet Group and action-focused strategic planning, he was excited to get started. 


The first step was an all-hands offsite to create a shared picture of the future, including the overall thematic goal for the plan as well as outcomes and ideas for strategic projects. Champions and teams formed to explore each major idea. The teams further defined each project, and used the success criteria from the all-hands meeting to evaluate and tweak the methods they believed would achieve the best results. After a few iterations of information gathering and additional discussions, the big group came back together to listen to the project options.

Meanwhile, the leadership team spent some time on clarifying their values and why the organization exists. They defined important measures of ongoing operational success that had to be maintained through whatever strategic changes were tackled.

The team wrestled with various scenarios and timelines, and converged on one that could work for them. Champions stepped up for each of the strategic efforts. Finally, the team worked through how to fit in the strategic break-through tasks while simultaneously continuing to provide excellent service to their customers.


At a strategic plan review session months after the initial plan, the team reflected on the progress they had made so far. Looking forward, they adjusted the plan as needed. The team observed they had been working together better, as they openly struggled and joined together to achieve the group goals.  


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