meetings that work™

I actually look forward to our working meetings with Trebuchet Group facilitation because I know we will be productive, effective, the best ideas will rise to the top, and we actually get things done!
— Michelle P, Executive Director

We get it. You want meetings where you get a lot done, know what to do next, and people can move forward knowing their work makes a difference. Watch this brief video to learn more about how Trebuchet Group facilitates your team with results in mind.

Benefit from an environment where everyone can contribute.

Are you experiencing slow death by meetings? Are meetings mushy, unproductive and frustrating? Are they lifeless updates, wasted on unimportant topics, or looking for approval of decisions already made? Does real discussion happen only in the hallway or parking lot after the meeting? Believe it or not, engagement, healthy conflict, and real results are possible for your organization when you partner with an experienced facilitator.

We believe effective structure and supportive facilitation can transform meetings from a necessary evil to a vital way to accomplish work, bringing out the best in everyone for the organization. With just enough structure, all participants - including the leader - are able to engage fully.

Leaders don't have to worry about the process. Instead they can focus on the results needed for the organization.  Everyone is able to be passionate about their ideas and at the same time be open to others. Issues preventing forward progress are surfaced and addressed. The group comes to a joint commitment around what will work best going forward. People walk away knowing the next steps, and what they need to do to make them happen. 

This program includes a pre-meeting to co-create the agenda and process with the leader. Meeting facilitation can include onsite or remote participants. Results from the meeting are captured and provided to the leader in a debrief with observations and suggested next steps for continuous improvement. 

Types of meetings

We specialize in convening diverse groups to work together on a common challenge. Meetings can be used to organize, brainstorm around opportunities and challenges, get to the heart of a situation, or keep everyone on track and aligned. We help clients with one time meetings, as well as creating or improving regular ongoing meetings. Examples of groups and types of meetings we support include:

  • Board of Directors retreat to set a new direction

  • Organizations coming together around a common goal

  • Executive staff planning next year's business

  • Leadership team working through a difficult situation

  • Staff aligning on day to day, tactical, and strategic topics

  • Employees engaging around issues facing the business

  • Project teams coordinating on progress and issues

What you can expect to get

  • Work through issues, explore situations, find solutions

  • People offer their perspectives and feel heard

  • Everyone knows the next steps and their part to get there

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I can tell you from personal experience that we performed better as an organization and as individuals due to the support we received from Trebuchet Group. In addition, Chris’ help with creating the agenda and then facilitating the offsite strategy sessions took a huge burden from me at the offsites. I was able to be a participant rather than facilitator, leader, and participant.
— Bob LeFort, Ember Corp
I think Chris found his calling. He is a natural at leading group discussion and helping people understand things that haven’t been created yet.”
— Mike Ellis
Wonderful to work with Chris. The tools and the tricks that he that he worked on with our group, everything from when a board member felt that they were in full support, the thumbs up, the not so sure but I would be OK getting behind it, all the way down to I cannot support it. It was nice to have those tools in place so that all the board members felt they were equally heard and a part of that decision making process.
— Amanda Miller, The Place Setting Company