making a difficult decision

When you are in charge of an organization, a lot depends on you. When it comes to making a big choice -- especially one that would completely change the future of your organization -- it's not always easy to know what to do.

Larry, the CEO of a young technology start-up company, had to make a decision.

Their company had recently been through a painful experience of an attempted corporate takeover. Now they were being approached by another potential buyer. How would they decide if this was a good fit? 

Larry knew that he could overwhelm his team with his passion. When he got caught up in the heat of the moment, sometimes the team responded by collectively shutting down. He knew this decision needed to be made jointly by the team, and he didn't want his senior staff to just go along with whatever he suggested. 

Larry was worried that bringing in a facilitator might make him seem weak to his team, as if he couldn't manage his job as leader. But when an HR specialist shared that experienced facilitators can really help for this type of situation, he decided to try it. 



Larry brought Trebuchet Group in to help facilitate this critical decision making process. First Chris met with Larry to understand his goals. They decided to use assessments for the key team as a way to understand each others' strengths and motivations. It came as a shock to several that not everyone was highly motivated by financial rewards.

Next Chris and Larry created a structure for a series of meetings to enable the best work by the team. Chris provided a platform for Larry to bounce ideas off, organize his own thoughts, and build on their collective experience. 


The team went through the structured decision making process. They had divergent and broad thinking, honest discussions with real listening, finally converging to a solution that worked for them all. Along the way, Chris gave Larry and the team feedback to help them see how they could work better with the each other, and provided the team with tools just-in-time to ensure they were getting real commitment.


In the end, Larry and his team decided to move forward with the sale. They were able to structure the deal and subsequent corporate structure to align with the motivators of the key staff.

With Chris' help, Larry was able to find constructive ways to use his passion without overwhelming his staff. The team learned new ways to work together and make decisions, which continued to serve them through the transition and into the future.


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