leader assessment™

Team effectiveness can almost always be enhanced by positive changes in the leader’s behavior. But where to start? This program gives you an honest evaluation of your best qualities as a leader so you know what to keep - and what you might want to change.

Using the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) and other tools, we help you find out how you are showing up with your team, so you can use your strengths to get the results you want.

The LPI is based on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership developed by the authors of The Leadership Challenge:

  1. Model the Way

  2. Inspire a Shared Vision

  3. Challenge the Process

  4. Enable Others to Act

  5. Encourage the Heart

In addition to the LPI, this program includes frank conversations with your team members, an evaluation of what motivates you as a person, and the DISC personality strengths inventory. These all add up to a robust 360-degree assessment of you as a leader. To help you make sense of it all, we provide a personal analysis and debrief, so you can understand how to apply the results most effectively.

Through this program, team members see you’re willing to receive honest feedback, and your example helps them understand they need to be open to feedback as well. As you center yourself on your strengths, you will notice not only better results for yourself but also for your team members as they give themselves permission to do the same.

What you can expect to get

Information on your own behaviors and preferences you can take action on right away, including:

  • Understanding how you can focus your strengths for the good of your team

  • Understanding areas to downplay or avoid

  • Clear comparison of your leadership behavior to a validated standard of what works best for teams

  • Clarity around how you believe you're showing up versus how people really see your leadership behavior

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I ask my team every year, “how am I doing?” and I get their written feedback. It’s always, “Yeah boss, you’re doing good.”
However, when Chris provided me thematic results from confidential interviews with my team, it was the first time I have ever gotten useful honest feedback on where I can improve. He helped me get below the surface and identify specifics where I can make a difference. I’ve already seen results based on changes I have made thanks to Chris’ insights.
— P.P., Executive Vice President