karina mullen branson

Karina has extensive experience as a visual practitioner, providing clients with custom sketches, large-scale maps, and hand-drawn videos that communicate their stories. She is passionate about helping clients understand each other and expand their perspectives on the world and the systems in which they work. Her services engage our clients’ teams in a unique process to further enhance team-building, goal development, and strategic planning.

She has facilitated and supported collaborative strategic planning, community engagement, innovative brainstorming and critical systems thinking to help groups move forward and into action.  She has worked across academic, corporate, governmental and non-profit sectors with clients, including: BASF; the United Nations University; the World Parks Congress; the City of Fort Collins; New Belgium Brewery; and, Global Change Systems for Analysis, Research & Training.

Karina actually started her training as an environmental communications expert and received a National Science Foundation research assistantship to complete her Master of Science in Climate Change Communication.  Through her studies, she published research on how utilizing graphic recording can engage citizens on complex science ideas and spark creative means of communication between citizens, scientists, and communities.

She lives in Bellevue, Colorado with her partner, Spencer. They enjoy backcountry snowboarding, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, cooking, gardening, and watercolor painting.