At Trebuchet Group, we believe in the positive power of businesses to shape communities-- and thus the world.  Our mission is to enable companies and leaders to achieve their goals and dreams by helping them get clear about what they want and remove any obstacles in their way.

We value abundance, integrity, compassion, courage, excellence and respect.  We help leaders and organizations reveal these qualities, which they already have within.

we're not your typical consultants

Imagine your business is a jigsaw puzzle. One you've worked on for years.

You've almost finished putting the puzzle together-- except there are a few pieces missing. You don't know where those pieces went, or even if you had them when you started. All you know is that those holes in your picture are causing problems for you. So you search for someone to help you complete your puzzle, and you find a typical consultant.

"Your problem is so common, we developed the perfect puzzle piece to solve it!" they say.

"To begin, you'll need to change your business to fit our piece. We have lots of experience telling others where to start making changes, so just follow our advice and the piece should snap right in!"


Puzzle piece.jpg

... and then there's Trebuchet Group

We start with the same unfinished picture. Then we reach into our trusty sack and pull out a few of our flexible puzzle pieces.

"Our experience tells us that any of these three pieces will likely work. Given your people, the stage of your business, and your long-term goals, which puzzle piece do you feel would look best in your picture?"

Once we settle on a piece we help you and your team shape it to fit your organization. We make sure the piece fits nicely, both from your perspective and from that of the people responsible for making it work. Once the piece is integrated into your business and helps improve your picture, we're done.

At this point, many of our clients point to another hole that's bothering them and we begin collaborating on how to make the next piece fit their puzzle.  At Trebuchet Group, we find nothing more satisfying and rewarding than helping you finish your puzzle.