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June Brown Bag Event

The first Friday of each month, we open Trebuchet Group headquarters for a free Brown Bag session.  If you've worked with us before, we believe you'll see the immediate value in this.


It's your chance to sit down with Trebuchet Group advisors and work on real issues and challenges. We'll provide some framework for discussion, but the conversation will largely be steered by those in attendance.

This month's topic is, "Which comes first, the team or the goal?"

Is your team fighting over issues that have two correct answers? Often in these situations, each camp battles fiercely over which is the true, correct answer. So what can you do to move you and your team forward?

Come join us and Michael Clingan as he walks us through how to use a conflict cloud - a useful tool to get your team back on track. Michael works with us to get teams working together and moving forward.