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Consultant Bootcamp at Trebuchet Group Headquarters

Trebuchet Group Consultant Bootcamp

Late July 2014

What's the dent you are trying to make in the universe? What are you working on, stuck on, looking to grow? Who is it that you want to help? What do you need to know and what sort of change are you looking to make?

We want to help you figure out exactly what that dent is and how to effectively make it happen.

We invite you to apply for a 3-Day intensive in-person bootcamp for new and experienced consultants.

It's like summer school, but smaller, more fun, more intense and air conditioned. It's about forty hours in total. 

This page will give you the details of the course as well as who should apply (and how).

The initial session begins at 8:00 AM July 16 and runs through 5:00 PM July 18.  The final onsite session is scheduled for 8:00 AM August 13 through 5:00 PM August 14.

Feel free to share this page. Applications are due by June 30, but it's possible the window will close earlier than that if a lot of applications are received, so do it right but do it quickly.

  • The investment for you is $3000.  That's no chump change.  This is an investment in your future, so you can do the work you dream about.
  • The bootcamp is held in Fort Collins, CO, and it's only open to 8 people. There are no virtual seats, no way to call in, and you need to have a way to get to Fort Collins and stay in Fort Collins for the onsite sessions. You're on the hook for finding and paying for food and lodging - except lunch.
  • We're looking for people that value generosity, who believe people can be better, and who are trying to make the world a better place by helping others with their strengths.
  • This bootcamp is specifically designed for those who dream of partnering with others.  Those for whom the success of others equals success for self.  
  • It's fine if you're brand new or a seasoned professional - either way you have to be serious about improving your offering, the way you offer it, and the results for your clients and yourself.

Once it's clear what change you're seeking to make in the world, and what path you're on to make that change happen, getting to the resources and tactics you need becomes far more productive.

This 3-Day intensive combines:

  • Discussions and hands on exploration around clarity, marketing, prospecting, offerings, leading, delivery, shipping and dealing with fear.
  • Process steps to establish or strengthen your own consultancy within the industry that needs you most.
  • Presentations and accountability to the group about progress made and decisions committed to.
  • Smaller group conversations about what's next and how.
  • Pre-work and field work assignments as well as group check-ins in between on-site workshops.
  • Individual support from Trebuchet Group to help you apply your learning.

What you will walk away with:

  • Clarity about what's most important to you, and about the offerings you should be working on.
  • Product development and prospecting tools.  You need a product / service if you are going to consult, and you need to know who is the best candidate to benefit from your services.
  • Selling and delivery methods.  You won't have work to do if you don't sell or deliver service.
  • A network of fellow consultants for continued support and referrals.

Qualities of a perfect student:

  • Do you have a bias for action and a track record of showing up and doing daring work?
  • Are you willing to do challenging work, stretch yourself, and even talk to people you don't know?
  • Do you have a wide range of options on the table and are ready to narrow them down in your quest to get going right now?
  • Do you bring some sort of skill, some ability to help others: soft skill, technical skill, or subject matter expertise?

This bootcamp is for people who want to participate. If you're hoping just to be a spectator, or gather information to ruminate on, or seek out the things that might go wrong, better to let this class slide. You'd be frustrated (and bring us all down). 

Finally, knowers need not apply.  We are looking for learners -- that is, people willing to be uncomfortable and learn something new.

How to apply:

First, bookmark this page.

If you have a question, you can use this form to enter it.  We'll be posting general interest FAQ answers below.

Once you're ready to apply, check out this official application form. Alas, you can only apply once, so be ready before you hit 'submit'.

One last thing. Please don't apply unless you're serious and ready to come put yourself on the line. We do that ourselves and we ask our students to as well.

As a reminder, all applications must be submitted by June 30.

Thanks for caring enough to think outside the box about the kind of work you could do.  The world needs more individuals like you.  We can't wait to meet you and help you create what's next.

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