diana hutchinson


Diana is the chief operations officer and project manager for Trebuchet Group.  She enables success for the business and our customers by keeping us all organized in a positive way.  

Diana has a passion of leading people and organizing processes to produce consistently excellent results!

Diana is also passionate about equipping others to use their gifts. She supports our clients with services including transformational coaching, facilitation, training, and project management. 

Diana's education includes a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and certifications as a Project Management Professional and as an Associate Certified Coach. Her experience ranges from engineering and management to process engineering and project management. She understands the need for not-too-much, not-too-little, just-right structured processes to help people do their best work, and seeks to meet that need in the work she does helping others.

Diana is described by others as having a great combination of responsibility, organization and optimism . She uses these strengths to get results and help others quickly climb the learning curve for positive continuous improvement. 

Diana's interests include Toastmasters International, bicycling, cooking, photography, and community service. She enjoys spending time with Chris and their four active children - who like to tell their friends that Diana used to wear combat boots during her service in the US Air Force. 

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