strengthening leadership

Finding confidence and strategy in a high-stakes business world

How often are you faced with making a critical business decision only to find yourself frozen because a lack of perspective or incomplete information brings uncertainly to the surface?

Mike, a veteran executive, was hired to build a recent startup company into an enterprise market contender. New to the industry, Mike faced the challenge of being viewed as “an outsider” by a tightly-knit circle of vendor partners and Fortune 500 customers whose scrutiny left Mike insecure and apprehensive.


After second-guessing himself one too many times over a big contract surrendered to his company’s top competitor, Mike began looking for a perspective that would help shift his 20/20 hindsight in a more confident direction.

At a regional networking forum for technology executives, a Trebuchet Group presentation Mike attended carried a simple message that stuck with him: breakthrough results come from asking the right set of questions. He began applying this simple piece of advice and his credibility and trust began to grow, both among clients and colleagues.

Impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the advice he had received, Mike kept in contact with Trebuchet Group, first meeting for lunch and then hiring Chris for executive coaching. 


"Whether I'm struggling with a tough decision on how to best pursue a prospective client, or how to resolve the inevitable business conflict, I can count on Chris to provide me with the guidance and resources to turn hard decisions into effective business choices" recalls Mike. "For me, part of becoming a stronger leader is being able to turn to someone who's been there before and knows just what questions I should ask to arrive at the optimal solution for our business, our clients and our team."


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