chris hutchinson


Chris is Trebuchet Group's founder and leader. He helps clients through facilitation of small and large group retreats and meetings, coaching and mentoring executive leaders, and presenting on effective leadership and teams.

After years of building Legos® and treehouses around the world, Chris went to school for a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Masters in Business Administration. His experiences in the military and the corporate world taught him that great leadership can be learned, and that everyone is in some way a leader. And ignited a passion for helping people grow and be their best!

Chris wants to help create a world where people care for and respect themselves, each other, and the environment. To do so he believes we must inspire businesses to be a greater positive force in the world. His calling is to model, teach, and support businesses and people to be that positive force.

Chris strives to create an environment of success for himself and everyone he works and plays with so they can enjoy doing their best work. He’s been described by clients and peers as a visionary, inspirational catalyst for positive change.

He is active in Toastmasters International Vistage Worldwide, and NSA Colorado. He is an avid organic gardener, tandem tricyclist, and old house buff. Chris loves having adventures with his wife and their four children.

Chris speaks with a number of groups from keynotes to breakout sessions on ways to improve their leadership and their work. If you are interested in learning more about his speaking style, check out his speaking page on


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