Chris brought great value and excellent tools. This program was very useful for me personally; the way I see things - my mindset - is better. I would and have recommended this program to others. Great experience! Worth every penny invested.
— Michel Maillet, Maillet Homes

Organizations want change. But not just any change.

There are many effective change methodologies. If it feels like your organization has tried them all, and people are just sitting back waiting for this one to pass, you may be wondering if anything can work.

We support your team as they assess how they do things, and enable you to create effective processes that make the right things easy.

Our approach is to partner with our clients so you get to use as many of your own skills and abilities and at the same time have access to expert knowledge and hands-on support to get things done. This not only makes the best use of the time and funds available, it also builds capacity within our clients for the ongoing application of these skills.

We work with you to understand your needs, then jointly build a solution that works for you. 

What you can expect to get:

  • Clarity on how your processes are working now, and how you want them to work

  • Joint and individual commitment to the desired future

  • Support as your team learns and implements new methods

  • Processes that make the right things easy for change that sticks


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This program really made me think and took me out of my comfort zone. This is something you can put to use immediately and I have
— True T. Davis, True T. Davis Building and Remodeling
Chris has the unique ability to pull ideas from the group...and turn it into logical problem solving. I thoroughly enjoy Chris’ style and techniques in presenting and as a coach. This will have a larger impact on my business than any other process I have done before.
— Ken Kumph, Premier Builders
This program has done in 6 months for the structure of my business what I may never have accomplished, certainly not alone. My business will never be the same. My thought processes and the way I approach issues have been improved through this program.
— Joseph P. O'Reilly, Dawn Contracting
Working with Chris is interesting and entertaining. One of the things I like best about Chris is that he doesn’t force something on you. He is more of a listener. He doesn’t say there is a right way to do things, he asks the right questions and I would call it a very collaborative relationship, unlike a lot of consultants that I’ve seen where they come in and say this is what we do and this is how you must do it.
— Paul Beiser, Schneider Electric
Trebuchet Group had great flexibility. Hit the right level for the participants and the individual backgrounds. Participants gained confidence in doing the job, and understood the complexities of management/leadership.
— Anne Walker, Vestas
Diana is a very bright person who had an excellent understanding of our processes at Woodward, and was often a “go-to” person when you wanted to find out how things work, or how we might improve them. She was very efficient, and quickly could understand a new process or analyze an existing one and make recommendations on improving it. She also had great “people skills” and could make her case in a tactful way without offending people.
— Rob Motta, Woodward