Heading to NCEO? Here are our session recommendations!

Running an organization where everyone is an owner has its unique challenges. We are excited to be attending NCEO 2018 - Employee Ownership Conference with thought-leaders, colleagues, and providers who are increasing the impact employee-owned companies make all across the country.


We spent time going through the conference schedule and selected which sessions address these issues. See our top picks below!

If you want to strengthen your team to be what the business needs, let's talk. 
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Wednesday, April 18 :: 9:00–10:15 am
Culture Jamming: Strategies For When Your Ownership Culture is Struggling
In this highly interactive culture change clinic, participants and speakers will share common ownership culture crises and creative ways to solve them. 

Wednesday, April 18 :: 10:30–11:45 am
Overcoming Limiting Leadership
Organizations only go as far as the leaders can grow and let go. Join Trebuchet Group CEO Chris Hutchinson and Jenny Briggs of Mosaic Creation and learn how to identify symptoms of limiting leadership, and what remedies can help strengthen leadership and the business.

Wednesday, April 18 :: 1:45–2:30 pm
Fearless: How to Open the Books, Get Buy-in and Execution
Steve Baker of Great Game will cover open book management and the challenge for leaders to be more transparent to get more commitment to shared business success.

Wednesday, April 18 :: 3:00–4:15 pm
Employee-Owned Engagement: Creating Great Leaders and a Collaborative Ownership Culture
Learn how to develop great leaders within a multi-generational workforce and engage ownership at every level.

Wednesday, April 18 :: 3:00–4:15 pm
Leading During Times of Change and Transition
Changes can cause employee anxiety, stress, and disengagement, making it harder for them to think and act like owners. Come to this session to learn principles for effectively leading people through times of change, and hear about Carris Reels' experiences acquiring another company and the subsequent changes.

Thursday, April 19 :: 8:40–10:00 am
Keynote Panel: Harnessing the Power of Employee Ownership!

Thursday, April 19 :: 1:15–1:45 pm
Sharing Ideas for Having Fun at Work
Campfire Discussion Session
Work is work, bottom line is bottom line, but there has to be time for fun in the work environment. Attend this session to get ideas and share ideas.

Thursday, April 19 :: 2:00–3:15 pm
Evergreen ESOPs: Building for the Next 100 Years
Being an evergreen ESOP means remaining private and profitable, building for the long term (no exit strategy), and being purpose-driven in your care for your employees, customers, and community. Our CEOs share why it's important to be a values-based organization and how they have applied evergreen principles to improving their ESOP companies.

Thursday, April 19 :: 3:45–5:00 pm
Leadership Development Outside the Training Box
This interactive session explores how employee-owned companies can support leadership development beyond formal learning events in ways that encourage people to take greater personal ownership of their development.

Friday, April 20 :: 11:00–12:15 am
A Practical Guide to Creating an Ownership Culture
A culture of ownership doesn't happen because you want it to, it happens because you cause it to; this session tells you how.