5 Easy Ways to Bring Gratitude to the Office

Katie Huey, our Director of Operations, compiled a list of easy-to-implement ideas to inspire gratitude for your team and organization with the understanding that this time of year is full of demands! Conscious Company Magazine kindly published the piece.


She starts by saying,

This time of year is filled with swarming demands. You are juggling to-do lists, replies to investors, flittering holiday schedules. You have yearly success to evaluate and ugly sweaters to pick. It’s easy to feel like there is not enough — not enough time, not enough talent, not enough appreciation for the work you and your team are doing.

All this not-enough-ness leaves us feeling empty and depleted rather than full of comfort and joy.

Conscious leaders can gracefully combat feelings of scarcity by incorporating gratitude into the workday. Simple shifts towards thankfulness will inspire teams and provide hope and prosperity for the year ahead.

Click here to read the full list of easy ways to bring gratitude to your office. Building your gratitude muscles and making subtle shifts will make a large difference for your team as you set out to accomplish great things.

If you’re curious about how to implement ideas like these to get your team moving in the same direction, let’s talk!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving. Know we are thankful for you this year!