5 Tools to Create Simplicity for Your Team

Cheers! A new year is here and with it comes fresh opportunities to reorganize, dream, and lead your team to accomplish great things. 

We've been thinking about ways to be more efficient and how, as we plan our year, we can get the best momentum while keeping it simple.

Legendary management consultant Peter Drucker said, “Management is about handling complexity. Leadership is about creating simplicity.”

We agree.

Here’s our list of tools that can help create clarity and simplicity for you and your team.

1.       OpaConnect®

This online platform helps small businesses stay organized as they grow. We like that it supports staff to set their own goals in alignment with overall company goals, request feedback, and qualify measures of success. Managers can give real-time feedback and suggestions for improvement in the database while fostering employee accountability. This tool is helping us stay accountable to one another and champion projects and milestones for the year ahead.

2.       Officevibe

Gallup tells us that 67% of employees worldwide are not engaged with their work. We believe this can and should change. Officevibe helps us track and monitor our employee engagement. Their team sends out weekly email surveys to get a pulse on how employees feel things are going at work. Employees submit anonymous feedback and can offer suggestions for improvement in the areas of recognition, relationships, job satisfaction,  alignment and more. We track our Employee Engagement Score and redirect when red flags arise. (HT to our cool client Call-Em-All)

3.       Calendly

A beautiful tool to help customers and clients schedule time on your calendar. We set up our calendar availability, send our clients a link, and presto, they can find a time that works for both of us. Start conversations sooner and empower clients to access your time in friendly and approachable ways.

4.       Google Chat & Google Hangout

Use Google’s instant messaging system to stay in touch with your remote employees or co-workers across the office. We have both, so it's our go-to communication system of choice. Indicator lights let you know if people are signed on and available to chat. Speed up communication and touch base quickly so you can move forward together.

5.      More is Not Always Better

Resist the urge to add on more to make things feel complete. Like adding a fifth item to a list when four will do just fine. 

Keep it simple. And go accomplish great things together!


If you are searching for tools to become a more effective leader, contact us. PS - we can help get you a discount on some of these services. Send us an email if you are interested.