Seth Godin: The map has been replaced by the compass

Seth Godin's blog caught my attention this morning - as it often does.

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I think the reason we stick to maps is that it's comforting to "know where you are" on a map.

Many times when I'm working with a team someone will stop and ask "So how are we doing? How does our performance compare with the other teams you've worked with?"

The hidden message is "Tell us we're doing ok and aren't lost." People need to feel grounded and successful.

And yet with just a compass, along with a belief that you know enough to select and commit to a direction, you can explore completely uncharted territory. 

How did Columbus and other explorers go past the known maps? 

Isn't that what we're being called to do?

Chris Hutchinson, CEO

Chris Hutchinson, CEO

Enough talking - let's get moving...


Chris Hutchinson

As CEO of Trebuchet Group, Chris Hutchinson thrives working with clients and his team to improve organizational clarity, teamwork, and leadership impact.

After years of building Legos® and tree houses around the world, Chris earned his Mechanical Engineering degree and followed that with an MBA. His experiences in the military and the business world taught him great leadership can be learned, and everyone is in some way a leader.

Clients and peers describe him as an inspirational catalyst for positive change. He is the author of Ripple - A Field Manual for Leadership That Works.

Chris and his wife live, garden, and bike in Fort Collins, Colorado, and have four children. He has an unrequited love affair with brownies.