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I've been working in and on this company for the past 8 years, starting with its formation. So I feel pretty confident that I would know what the Trebuchet Group DNA was all about.

Did I find out that I had a lot to learn!

corporate dna.jpg

Part of every incoming Advisor's responsibilities here at Trebuchet Group is for the Advisor to pretend we're a client company and put us through whatever best stuff that Advisor has to offer. It's a real win-win situation - as a company we benefit from the experience and skills of the Advisor, and the Advisor benefits because everyone in the company not only knows about but has actually experienced his or her best stuff.

Jerry Touslee 

Jerry Touslee 

Jerry Touslee is our newest Advisor, and while he'd probably downplay his part in it, he blew my socks off when he put us through his Business DNA program. Again, I figured that his half-day workshop would mostly be about educating others - yet I was surprised to discover quite a bit about the company alongside my colleagues.

I was drawn in by the simplicity of the process - just a few simple questions that allowed everyone in the room to share their perspectives in a way that wasn't hokey or contrived. The entire team - me as leader included - offered real insights into who we are and why we're different.

 Here is just a tiny sample of the results we achieved - for example, here are the most powerful rewards we believe we provide our clients:

  • Confidence - the deep down knowledge our clients have that they are on the right track with the right people doing the right things
  • Better Future - not a rosy view but an actual improved future that everyone in the client organization can look forward to every day
  • Capability - our clients have an increased ability to do what needs to be done through being more effective and more efficient with the resources and people they have

You can't sense this, yet I am completely jazzed even writing this to you because it is so deep inside what I believe our company is truly about. And I know our team aligns around this just as strongly because of how Jerry helped us create this together.

Chris Hutchinson, CEO

Chris Hutchinson, CEO

So if sounds interesting, or you just want to find out more, send Jerry an email at He'd love to share and help you get the kind of passionate connection with who you really are that I'm feeling right now.


Chris Hutchinson

As CEO of Trebuchet Group, Chris Hutchinson thrives working with clients and his team to improve organizational clarity, teamwork, and leadership impact.

After years of building Legos® and tree houses around the world, Chris earned his Mechanical Engineering degree and followed that with an MBA. His experiences in the military and the business world taught him great leadership can be learned, and everyone is in some way a leader.

Clients and peers describe him as an inspirational catalyst for positive change. He is the author of Ripple - A Field Manual for Leadership That Works.

Chris and his wife live, garden, and bike in Fort Collins, Colorado, and have four children. He has an unrequited love affair with brownies.