Additional tips re: Going for everything can get you nothing

When systems and people are overloaded, results are dismal at best. Here are some specific tips on how to make the actions, you as a leader need to have happen, actually occur.

As mentioned in our recent newsletter two actions leaders can take are:

  1. Get clear. Help everyone in the organization really understands success. Pick the top 3 things that need to happen. Make sure they are measurable and doable. Write them on a wall, and stick to them. Bonus points if you see or hear other people using those objectives to figure out together what they should do next.
  2. Unite departments. Help teams understand they should focus on organizational success first, and their success second. Look for a goal that will require their cooperation to achieve, and make it the goal for all teams involved. Bonus points if the teams come back with a better goal than the one you picked.

Here are a couple of specific ways to make the above actions happen in your organization.

  • Over communicate. Help everyone focus on key results by over-communicating what the results are for the organization. Once you have the top 3 things, share then continuously. Post them on the wall (or discuss them) at the beginning of each meeting. Ask “So how does what we’re working on right now connect with our top 3 goals?” During discussions ask people how well we’re doing at reaching our goals. You get the idea.
  • Listen actively. Help teams by listening first to concerns to understand issues from their perspectives. Whenever you think you need to drive home a point – stop. This is the exact place to ask a question since you are probably assuming something that’s making you want to push harder. Think about what you’re assuming, and then ask a question to find out what other people’s perspectives are on the issue. You might just get surprised – and you get bonus points because people know that you care about what they think more than pushing your own agenda.

 A quick question for you:

What have you done (or seen done by others) that helped an organization get clear and unite around the most important goals?

Let us, and everyone else reading this blog, benefit from your experience – comment below! (And yes, it’s ok to obscure the participants to protect the guilty ;o)

Chris Hutchinson, CEO

Chris Hutchinson, CEO


Chris Hutchinson

As CEO of Trebuchet Group, Chris Hutchinson thrives working with clients and his team to improve organizational clarity, teamwork, and leadership impact.

After years of building Legos® and tree houses around the world, Chris earned his Mechanical Engineering degree and followed that with an MBA. His experiences in the military and the business world taught him great leadership can be learned, and everyone is in some way a leader.

Clients and peers describe him as an inspirational catalyst for positive change. He is the author of Ripple - A Field Manual for Leadership That Works.

Chris and his wife live, garden, and bike in Fort Collins, Colorado, and have four children. He has an unrequited love affair with brownies.