Sales Mastermind Group Topics

The following are the topics chosen by the Lee Porter's Sales Mastermind Group in its first meeting on February 18, 2010. These topics will be addressed and explored in subsequent sessions. The next group meeting is on March 4, 2010, 7:30-9am at Dazbog, Fort Collins, Mason and Cherry.

  • Targeting Prospects, getting a one-on-one
  • Time managment
  • Managing our emotions
  • Pacing yourself--how to manage your energy
  • Making it a business transaction
  • Creating referral networks, asking for referrals
  • How to fix a bad day
  • Expressing value, how to sell at your price
  • Limiting beliefs
  • The science of cold calling
  • Breaking the decision-making process into chunks you can manage
  • How to clearly express your Value Proposition
  • Territory management, planning for success
  • The technology trap: the right tools (CRM, Social Networking, Effective emailing)

 These topics are listed in order of interest, so the presentation topic on March 4 will be "Targeting Prospects"

Lee Porter

Lee Porter

Hope to see you there!