What makes a great salesperson?

By Lee Porter

The Top 25 Salespeople in Colorado were named and celebrated recently by ColoradoBiz Magazine. You can check out the full article.


Cool, but now it’s got me thinking: what do these folks have in common with one another and with the greatest salesfolks I’ve known?

Looking over the list, I see a variety of experience, a plethora of industries, and a vast array of talent sets.  I see commercial and residential real estate professionals, I see retail whizzes, I see IT experts  and bankers and media people - they're all over the map.

What ties this diverse group together? They are:

  1. Deeply committed and proud of what they do. Sales is a passion for them and a way of life.
  2. They have high energy/activity levels, they’re persistent and determined.
  3. Relationships are how they view sales: the creation, maintenance and nurturing of these relationships is what makes their jobs fun, rewarding, and profitable.
  4. They’re focused, have excellent time management skills, and know their own strengths and weaknesses.
  5. They are lifetime learners, in a constant state of self-improvement.

How would you describe the best salesperson you’ve ever known?  How would you rate yourself on this scale?

Lee Porter

Lee Porter

What can you do today to improve your sales performance tomorrow? What books will you read, what courses will you take, what investment will you make in yourself and your future?