Don’t fool around. Hire well for sales and your business will thrive.

Is there anything more important to the success of your business than your ability to attract and retain excellent salespeople? 

Hiring for sales is one of the hardest things you will do in your business. It’s a struggle because finding the perfect match for skills that meet your  needs and your company culture is not enough to make sure that your salesperson is a success.

Why is this? The biggest challenge in finding the right sales candidate is that the true characteristics of a top sales person go far beyond pure sales. The behavior, thinking style, attitude and the activity level of the person you hire is almost always more important to their success than their sales skills.

What flavor is your salesperson?

What are your expectations for this new salesperson?  In some companies salespeople must be aggressive, entrepreneurial and planning- oriented. In others, handling customer service and managing the details of the sales process are more important. Do you need hunters or farmers? Or is it all about relationships? That depends on what your company needs.

The perfect candidate for your company? Profiles tell the story

Sales assessments can be a powerful tool and an excellent shortcut to finding “the most likely to succeed” and best match for your company.  They will help you weed out candidates who don’t have the behaviors, the skills sets or the activity levels that you need.  Studies have shown that the probability of a “good hire” made using assessments is 66% better than with an interview alone.

Assessments measure candidates against one another AND against your most successful salespeople.  This is accomplished by constructing a sales profile built on your exact expectations.

Naturally you want proof of past success, but in the end all that really counts is how your candidate will perform for you,  with your products, in your markets. No one in sales can guarantee that past success means future success.  I believe that matches created in the sales assessment’s profiling process are better predictors of success than even past goal achievement.

Prevent the pain

The triple whammy of risk in hiring for sales is on-boarding and training cost, opportunity cost and turnover cost.  I’m not even going to mention the damage to team morale. If you’re watching your bottom line (and your top line) you can’t afford to make mistakes.  Assessments are a great insurance policy against waste and anguish for both you and your sales team.

What secrets are revealed by the assessments? You’ll be surprised to learn what the most important measurements are. To discover what the most important characteristics are, contact us at

About the Author: Chris Hutchinson, President and CEO of Trebuchet Group, helps facilitate leadership growth and business success of local and global clients, using a collaborative approach to enable consistent, effective results. He can be reached at

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